Call To Action: The Coke 16 Needs Your Support !

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We have a petition at please go there and sign it.
You can keep your name private if you prefer to. The Coke 16’s Petition
Thank you.

The Coke 16 On The Radio

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Our good friend Ray Rogers from the Campaign to stop Killer Coke ( will be speaking on the program City Watch on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City, which will air tomorrow Saturday the 7th at 10 AM
Please make sure you tune in.
TC 16

Occupy Wall Street And The Coke 16

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This is our link on the occupy wall street website. It’s a great opportunity to let the world know about our struggle. Please visit register with them, read the comments and post yours also. Keep thus thread alive !
Occupy Wall Street

Coca Cola, Always On The Wrong Side Of Life’s Highway

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Please take some time and read this about ALEC, not to my surprise, I found out that Coke until yesterday was one of the corporation bank rolling this group of degenerates who write laws which affect the everyday life of Americans while boosting profits for themselves….sounds familiar? To read article please click the link below.

ALEC Exposed

Remaining Awake Through A Great Revolution.

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Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

I want to bring you another gem of history, this time in the form of Dr Martin Luther King’s speech “Remaining awake through a great revolution”.

This is important, very important for us to understand the meaning of this, which is to avoid remaining sleeping through a revolution.

My Brother or Sister, we are in the middle of what could be our greatest revolution as individuals and even as a group, yet sadly enough there will be some who will prefer to take the timid road and leave the rest of the members to do their bidding. Ladies and Gents, this can not be, we all must get involved in this fight, anything else would be the equivalent to sleeping through a great revolution.

What good is for us to call for boycotts and all, when there is nobody to listen to what we are saying. Let me give you this example, I sent 10 invites as soon as I got home on Sunday, out of those 10 only ONE has actually answered the invite.

This is not mine or two of us website,  it is for the group, so we all must get involved. A house divided can not stand read the scriptures, we must heed this, understand this and live it. Our fight depends on it. There is nothing more destructive to any team or group than the feeling of being the only one doing your part. it leads to contempt for people, which can only lead to a break down of communication and eventual defeat.

Let us avoid that by doing what we have to do. Don’t know what you have to do? Ask!. there is a contact us link, use it and let us all get with it and get this done.

God bless you and enjoy the speech, then meditate on it. Ask yourself ” what can I do to improve our chances?” things like that, enjoy!


Remaining awake through a great revolution

We Are Living In Wonderful Times, The Call Of Duty!

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We are living in wonderful times.
More than ever before people are standing up to oppression all over the world, we have all kinds of how they call it “Trouble Makers” waking up to the call of duty.
This call is the motivation for ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things in search for freedom and equality for all man.
The white man must understand that this is not about oppressing white men, but about the liberation of the oppressed.
As it has been shown before by others, the oppressor has you in that predicament because he intends to keep you there, there is not such thing as oppressing someone to freedom. This way, he will not fall prey to the trickery of divide and conquer which have been instilled in our society for along time by those who need this in place,  in order to keep us apart and unable to reconcile our differences and unite in the common front of racional thinking to solve our social and economical problems.The Black man must undestand also that we need to move forward, but this can not happen while we are still living in the past, by this I mean, the Black man can not forget past discrimination while experiencing the demoralizing effects of  discrimination on a daily basis, that is where real equality and fairness come into place.

This makes the support of all so important in these causes, we have to do our part to show solidarity with all movemenst which promote equality and fairness for all men not just for a few, that way, we as a people TOGETHER can think clearly on how to tackle all issues pertaning the greater oppression, the worldwide oppression of those who “have” against those who “have not”

The different movements around the world are doing a good job, but as with must things, a lot more can be done or improved in order to get the message out to the masses.
Here at The Coke 16,This is our own personal  Occupy Wall Street, this is just the beginning. Some had already accused us of being trouble makers and being it for the money, without realizing that we were already offered mediation, but turned it down, cause our aim is the exposure of the evils of this giant corporation, which after all the past legal actions raised against it, still continues to behave in a deplorable way towards its minority workers.
We have to launch this revolution, by telling all our friends and relatives to get involved in the different social media outlets, we are in Facebook, twitter and here in this website.

Also please, get involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, even if just for moral support, we can LEARN a lot from them, there is a wealth of good information there, and most people have a way of explaining things on a down to earth level, where one does not need to have a PhD, to understand them, so Please go there and join them in the discussions and let’s educate not just ourselves but our children about the evils of this system we live in and how we can make it a better place for all.

understand again, this is not about bringing down the white man, but bringing equality for all men, once we all understand that equality is the best way to go, then real social changes will take place. being divided is what benefits the enemy, and while we are in this stage they will be happy, but once we unity and understand that color of skin makes you no better than the other men then you can actually begin to see him as your brother, the one who is together with you, being oppressed by the same oppressor, but sadly this will take a little time, but eventually will happen, and then we will be in the driver’s seat of our own lives, instead of having to chose from pre-selected choices given to us by the powers that be, as if we were a bunch of pets or other animals.

Also, please support the guys at  Those are great individuals doing amazing things and getting incredible results. Those types of organizations need our financial and moral support, I can not think of a better investment than to invest our time, efforts and resources to support an organization such as Killer Coke, who gets results and do what they do, for the reward of seeing justice and equality beign brought up to the attention of everyone. There are many more out there, as we get to know them we will mention them.
Let us turn up the heat and see this go all the way through. This is just the begining of what can be one of the greatest movements for equailty and fairness in a global scale, let us all unite in this. If you are reading this and would be interested in getting involved in this very real revolution, then sign up here with this website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Boycott_Coke and also @thecoke16, comment on everything you read, also we are always welcome to suggestions, so please feel free to use to contact us link and let us know what you think.

For the members of The Coke 16 law suit this is our Occupy Wall Street, let us show up in force and in great numbers by spreading the word, and when the call goes out for the boycott of all coke products, then participate in the boycott, we’ll begin with Coke, but the sky is the limit, this is a great chance to do something way greater than ourselves.

Alone we are weak, but together we are a force to be reckoned with.

God bless you all and please, we need your support, keep in mind that this support cost you no money, instead it is going to keep money in your pockets.



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Once again, if you are a shareholder of Coca Cola, or know a shareholder of Coca Cola. Please get in contact with us and let us know, so we can put you in a list we are creating for the possible shareholder’s class action law suit against Coca Cola.
Without regards of your ethnic background, this will prove to be a LANDMARK law suit.
We will not go into the details of this law suit, as the current Coke 16 racial discrimination law suit is interconnected with the possible shareholder’s law suit.
So make sure you support and follow the current ” The Coke 16″ law suit since it is the catalyst which will bring forth this epic back breaking law suit against Coca Cola. We say NO MAS! to the abusive nature of the way Coca Cola management treats their minority employees.
The non minority employees need to understand that this greatly affects them also, because they too are being subjected to the divide and conquer approach to management, they too are being robbed of working in an environment where justice and equality reigns supreme, and if they are shareholders, then definitely they are being deprived of the opportunity to sue the company together with us on the second law suit.
To ANY possible Uncle Tom:
Do not think for a minute you can lie about us now and then become our friend simply cause you are a shareholder. You will reap what you sow.