Coca Cola’s Alleged Ace In The Hole

Posted: April 23, 2012 by thecoke16 in News

Please read this from This are strong allegations of corruption.

We need to be aware of these types of activities and be vigilant at all time. Money is a great temptation so please keep your eyes open at all times for any signs of trickery and be ready to jump into action, this is not a game and we can not and will NOT allow anybody to play around with our rights. So please read the story below!!

CORPORATE EXECUTIVES’ ACE IN THE HOLE . In the event plaintiffs and their attorney(s) refused to play the corporate game, Coke had the Superior Court of Georgia and the Northern District Court of Georgia in its pocket. If a lawsuit is filed against Coke in Superior Court, it is transferred to the Northern District Court of GA. If someone other than Presiding Judge Richard Story and Magistrate Judge Scofield are assigned a case against Coke, the assigned judge will recuse himself/herself until the case is assigned to Story and Scofield (See Case No. 1:01-CV-2866Motion to Disqualify, pp. 3-5).  More…

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