Remaining Awake Through A Great Revolution.

Posted: March 29, 2012 by thecoke16 in News

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

I want to bring you another gem of history, this time in the form of Dr Martin Luther King’s speech “Remaining awake through a great revolution”.

This is important, very important for us to understand the meaning of this, which is to avoid remaining sleeping through a revolution.

My Brother or Sister, we are in the middle of what could be our greatest revolution as individuals and even as a group, yet sadly enough there will be some who will prefer to take the timid road and leave the rest of the members to do their bidding. Ladies and Gents, this can not be, we all must get involved in this fight, anything else would be the equivalent to sleeping through a great revolution.

What good is for us to call for boycotts and all, when there is nobody to listen to what we are saying. Let me give you this example, I sent 10 invites as soon as I got home on Sunday, out of those 10 only ONE has actually answered the invite.

This is not mine or two of us website,  it is for the group, so we all must get involved. A house divided can not stand read the scriptures, we must heed this, understand this and live it. Our fight depends on it. There is nothing more destructive to any team or group than the feeling of being the only one doing your part. it leads to contempt for people, which can only lead to a break down of communication and eventual defeat.

Let us avoid that by doing what we have to do. Don’t know what you have to do? Ask!. there is a contact us link, use it and let us all get with it and get this done.

God bless you and enjoy the speech, then meditate on it. Ask yourself ” what can I do to improve our chances?” things like that, enjoy!


Remaining awake through a great revolution

  1. trublubabe says:

    TC16, you are doing a good job!!! I’m telling you, working hard, but we need the support from our group and families etc. I’m working on them, through text to get more involve in the movement! This a awesome opportunity for us to be heard!!! Let’s take it! “TODAY”

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