Stuck In A Tight Spot

Posted: March 23, 2012 by thecoke16 in News

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very strange situation, some might say, between a rock and a hard place, kind of like a very large truck making a tight turn.
We have to observe this last example, and learn from it.
If the truck driver goes too fast he might hit something along his path, but if instead, he slows down, he then have the opportunity to Stop and even reverse so he then can go forward.
In this, our struggle against such a formidable foe ( Coca Cola ) we need to use this approach also. Keeping in mind that sometimes you have to slow down, and that time is when you feel you are at that tight spot.
Slow down and back up so then and only then you can go forward, now you will be able to see clearly and get out of that tight spot.
Do not despair, the truth is on our side.
God bless.

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